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In the modern scientific age, everything is subjected to test. Unless and otherwise the test is not completed and results are obtained, nothing can be accepted as scientific. yet there are thousands such natural articles which are not subject to any test yet they are result oriented, these includes rare Tantric articles like-Hath Jori, One Or Three Eye Coconut, Shvetarak Ganpati, Dakshineye Sankh ,Siyar Singhi, Safteek Shiva Linga, Parad Shiv Linga, Pardarshi Saligram, ,Kamroop Mani, Abayakat Saligram Sila And Lagu Coconut. All these things very rare but are available and giver of health, wealth and happiness. You can contact with SUMANGGAL at Level #05, Block #A Shop #02 Bashundhara City Shopping Mall. Panthapath, Dhaka-1215.

Shaligram Shilas are of nearly same colour irrespective of their name, size, and types. However the rarest Shaligram Shila is Abayakat Shaligram Shila in the world.
As the pitch darkness is dispelled after sun rise and all around is lighted up so the house of person in which this Shaligram Shila will be installed in that house the darkness of life of all members of that house will be destroyed forever. Reputation, fame, glory, name, money, influence, dominion will be increased abnormally. New relationships will be created. Good relationship with individuals will remain untouched. The enemies will become friends and enemies will be conquered. Other will pay respect to you; acceptability in the society will increase. It is unimaginable the extent to which business will expand. Good will, wealth kept in trust will be saved and restored. You will make special contribution in the political field. Abayakat Shaligram Shila is very rare substance. It may be said that it is very hard to get it. It is assumed that this holy Shali-gram Shila may be found in the big royal families and in the houses of big businessman of the world. For example If this shali-gram Shila is installed in the house of a destitute then that person undoubtedly will become a person of affluence and wealth.
In whose house this Abayakat Shaligram Shila will be installed in that house all kinds of accomplishments will always prevail.
Value: Subject to negotiation if willing to collect.
Weight of the ABAYAKAT SHALIGRAM SHILA: 10- 15 Gram. Can be obtained of more weight.
* Abayakat Shaligram Shila can not be used in rings/or worn in bodies.
Rules of use: Will be note down by Hasan Kabir when ever you are able to purchase it as there are various Rules and regulation before purchase, During Installation and after Installation. 
Summary: From after installation of Abayakat Shaligram Shila - 
· All kinds of ill effects are removed.
· The effects of bad sights which are committed or showered are destroyed.
· No one will be able to do a little harm though he tries it for thousand times.
· All known and unknown sins are destroyed.
· Development of entire family is achieved.
· Master of the family may assume any form that he likes.
· No technique will have to be taken; people will be enchanted for nothing.
· In the field of politics and public administration it will have good effect always.
· Curses of forefathers and present curses are destroyed. It can change the full life style if Abayakat Shaligram Shila stays installed in the house.
· For this Rare Tantric article “ABAYAKAT SHALIGRAM SHILA” please contact with SUMANGGAL.
Warning: Whether you purchase it or not do not make any unnecessary comment about this Shila please. In it lies your welfare.
From my boyhood i.e. from the time, from when I have been exercising the subject of Astrology, Vastu and Tantra Shastra culture, from the said time thousands of peoples questioning thousands questions, also questioning now, in future will not ask, who will ensure this subject. Many men many questions, differing each other such as Mr. Hasan thinks, how can be rich promptly, having there any Gem stone? Which I can put at my fingered to be a rich man? However, Mr. Hasan I heared that man can be rich of crores owners in a few days by carrying Blue Sapphire stone. I remain silent though its answer was known to me. Because I know about the financial ability of the questioner. More over, heared to saying by many people, some person (name is not being cited due to his social status) has nothing before 10 years, but now the same person is owner of thousands of crores money. Only my smiling, nothing told though the answer is known to me. In 2004 an influential person asked, yeah Mr. Hasan, some one person is not eligible to be a Minister, MP or head of the state, but how he became the such? I replied man can not be king if king fate not have in his luck, similarly man can not be rich if he has no money fate. However king fate and money fate be created by self esteem and endeavor. It is impossible to be getting effect without protect planets-stars. The influential rich man is satisfied by this answer.
In 2009 a reputed businessman asked and told me that some person was owner of 62 thousand crores taka, but after his death his successors started to destruct their, fathers left property. I told him in my answer, earning wealth is great work, similarly, which could be able to keep that wealth under their ownership by such means for era to era, hundreds of years. His wealth will remain protected up to those days, as they will preserve that said protective solution. But, who have earned and secure wealth but did not think about his future generation, and has not kept such measure, their wealth will be destructed as must. Because they have secured and earned money but was not in mental peace, by which wealth can be earned at the present situation and after deaths successors will be able to be successor and will can earn wealth, but it is need to take necessary measure and need for conscious man who will be able to preserve and protect wealth for thousand of years. I told him more, how much a man will be rich, he is to take measure to take protective measure. In any country, protection for a chief of the state and on the other hand protection of a secretary is not the same. I have attentively heared to say by most of the Muslims that, what Allah does, certainly for better means. I also agree with them as a Muslim. But the Almighty Allah expressed in Sura-Ar-Rahman, you will refuge which of my contribution.
We frequently refer the Allah in every where and speeches, but do not try to do myself any productive work. Total condition of our Muslims is just like under mentioned position.
· There’s a room but not there’s light.
· There’s a flower but has not scent.
· There’s in lot but not in deeds.
· There’s in mind but not revealed.
· Three’s necessity but not there’s any attempt.
· Though man but without proper education.
· There’s hurry but not there’s patience.
· There’s disappointment but not there’s confidence on self.
· There’s a lot earning but not there’s any savings.
· There’s suffering and not comfort.
There’s unrest and not peace.
Because, many times our confidence defeated our unfaith. The Ganga is of Hindus, Jamuna; Swarwasati River is of Hindus which is known by hearing. The Ganga, Jamuna, Swarwasati, Forat, Nile, Amazon or Padma are not of specified for any religion. All creations of the earth are created by Allah for better means of the human beings. Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or Jews are only our saying, but the holy quaran or hadit does not prove these.
I hope you will clearly understand about “ABAYAKAT SHALIGRAM SHILA” which written from my example.
Because way of everybody is not the same, but the excellent way, is the expectation of every body.

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